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commonly asked questions are answered here, or you can call us at 615-710-5000

  • Where do we meet the bus and get dropped off?
    Currently 1343 Lewis StNashville, TN 37210 Parking is based on availability. We are not responsible for vehicles. We suggest using The Nashville Shuttle to get your group to & from the bus. 615-710-2212 book ahead of time. *Meeting Location and Drop-Off is subject to change due to road closures, event closures etc.
  • Will my group be on board with other groups?
    If you do not book a private tour, your tour will be shared with other groups.
  • Do we provide our own beverages?
    Yes! Everyone 21 & up can supply their own alcoholic beverages. City ordinance rules: NOTHING over 8% alcohol content NO LIQUOR NO GLASS BOTTLES Our pick up location sells a limited variety of beverages with I.D.
  • Can we bring a cooler?
    We provide a refrigerated cooler system on board. Bring your drinks cold and they stay that way. No ice is required.
  • Can we bring food?
    No, but restaurants and vendors are available within walking distance of the pick up and drop off locations! Grab a taste of Nashville before or after your tour!
  • Can we bring champagne to spray? Can we bring confetti?
    Neither are permitted on the bus, but you can spray champagne during your photo op (off bus). Confetti is not permitted during the entirety of your tour! Help us keep Nashville clean and minimize litter!
  • Do we play our own music?
    We consider ourselves music and FUN aficionados, your DJ/ Bartender will have your music covered so you can enjoy yourself. We are masters of getting the party started, just get your dance pants on! If you BOOKED PRIVATE AND would like you can create a CLEAN Spotify playlist and send it over ahead if time.
  • What do you need to bring?
    Government Issued ID (18+) Tip Money Favorite Beverages
  • How long is the ride?
    Approximately 2 hours 15 minutes for loading and one restroom break
  • Where do we ride?
    Around the streets of downtown Nashville. Including Broadway, the Gulch, Mid-Town, Titans Stadium area, Vanderbilt area. All routes are subject to change, based on street closures and events happening in our busy town.
  • Do we stop at bars?
    No. You will be having so much you will not want to get off! This is not a bar crawl. City Ordinance does not allow any entertainment vehicles to stop any where alcohol is sold by the drink. We stop for a photo op and restroom break.
  • Can we smoke on bus?
    Smoking on the bus is not permitted but you can when off the vehicle during breaks.
  • Should we tip the staff?
    YES! Our teamworks for tips. They will make your experience the best. TIP them for a job well done. (Average is $10-20 per person)
  • Will we get a refund if it is raining OR if our tour is canceled?
    NO REFUNDS will be issued . We operate Rain or Shine. NO REFUNDS All times are subject to change. If we need to cancel due to inclement weather (ice/snow, tornado warnings) you will be notified with options as soon as possible or a voucher will be issued good for one year.
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